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An all-time favourite of mine. Ariel Pink has a cover of Baby on his upcoming album.


Donnie & Joe Emerson - Dreamin’ Wild

Here’s an album that hasn’t been far from the MOJO stereo of late. Recorded in their family-built studio in a remote part of Washington State, Dreamin’ Wild was privately pressed in 1979. If you haven’t heard these hypnotic country-soul dream-pop grooves, then check them out above. To read the full, amazing story, we highly recommend picking up the new reissue from Light It The Attic.

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    An all-time favourite...mine. Ariel Pink has...Baby on his...
  2. markwilliamwales said: The Ariel Pink cover of Baby isn’t bad either!
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    /// Well, I know what I can finally order...Taz. This. On Vinyl.