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Came across this on the mighty logcabineer and checked out Smith Journal’s homepage. Also highly recommended! Especially their post about Pates Tapes, a music lovers dream! Mixtape after mixtape created lovingly and taken from vinyl to tape to us. Mixtape sections/themes include “Music to dine, talk and read by” and  ”Rhythm and Blues: Stax Soul Mototwn.” CHECK IT OUT!

Gypsies Tramps Cheese

A good friend of mine recently moved to Paris and just started a blog documenting his time there. He’s a British Woody Allen who loves food and fashion and tends to notice things normal people don’t. Also has a strange passion for dead animals/roadkill. So head on over to his wordpress and check it out.

Whilst not being a lover of the music of Cher, I can’t help think that her song was an ode to a city which has these three things in abundance. Documenting the couture, cuisine and curiosities of France’s historic capital. If this blog prevents at least one person from developing Paris Syndrome, then it wasn’t in vain.

"Salt, Fresh & Field is a TV series in development featuring an emotional and visually emersive treatment of hunting, fishing, foraging and exploring food sources on the West Coast of North America.

A vivid, and cinematic experience, Salt, Fresh & Field busts apart old paradigms of the “hook and bullet” genre with style and makes finding your own food sexy for a generation of urbanites who are becoming more conscious and curious about where their food comes from.”