Mark William Wales

A Spotify mix full of goodies!

(Source: Spotify)

My friend, the talented Will Govus has released yet another beautiful video diary of his time in Mexico with friends. Make sure you check it out and his other videos on Vimeo.

This Is Head - A B - Version (by AdrianRecordings)

Check out the new This Is Head video. Uses footage from the Sense of Flying video. Video includes road trip, mountain and fjord footage from Norway and a flying man. Perfection!

I turn 30 next year and am planning a trip to Arctic Sweden, with these National Parks as my main goal.

Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder 

Just came across this album on Spotify and it’s already sounding like a new favourite. From 1976, it’s kinda like a Canadian CSN complete with fiddle. Great road trip music for sure.