Mark William Wales

The Fire Lookouts of Montana | Land Rover USA (by landroverusa)

Meet the men who spend three months of the year on top of a mountain in total isolation, scanning the valleys for signs of fire. 

For more information on Land Rover, please visit, the official home of Land Rover USA.

WOW. Awe inspiring and beautiful!

FIRE SEASON by Philip Connors (by SheepscotCreative

I read this last year and it’s now one of my favourites. This trailer for the book is so good! Shame it’s not longer! 

"Sociable Hermits: A Story of Lookouts" by Matthew Geer (by Paul Andreano)

On a bit of a ‘everything fire related’ kick at the moment. This is so great, but I just wish it was longer! One of my top 5 dream jobs for sure. 

A dying profession though unfortunately.

Time’s Runnin’ Out - 1969 documentary on a forest fire prevention (by wvarchivesandhistory)